Algas SDI LPG Power Series Electric Vaporizer P120 - P160

Algas SDI LPG Power Series Electric Vaporizer P120 - P160


* Meets Class I, Division 2, Group D requirements specified in NFPA Pamphlets 58 and 70.
* Thermal efficiency exceeds 97%.
* 100% Turndown capability.
* Pressure vessels designed to ASME specifications.
* UL stamped external relief valve for each core: 250 psig ( 17.6 kg /cm2).
* State of the art microprocessor based control system with digital indicator for status / problem code display.
* Rain-tight NEMA 4 enclosure with status lights protects electrical control components.
* Float activated high liquid level safety. Two independent, direct monitoring, high-temperature safety shutdown devices.
* Integral inlet safety solenoid valve.
* Minimum 15 ° F (8.4 ° C] superheat at 100% capacity.
* Cross linked polyethylene insulation jacket.
* Pressure balanced LPG supply / delivery operation.
* Wide range of available voltages: 575, 480, 415, 380, 50/60hz.
* Complete with all operating and safety controls.
* Ready to connect to plant facilities.
* Automatic restart after electric power interruption. Explosion proof electrical configuration (Class I, Division 1, Group D).
* Economy operation.
* Remote alarm output.
* Remote control panel.


* Safely and efficiently vaporizes LPG for commercial, industrial, and utility applications.
* The multiple core design consists of the proven P-Series electric vaporizer, factory connected in parallel to provide greater vaporization capacity.
* Waterless electric vaporizer.
* No corrosion or rust.
* No refilling.
* No sediment.
* No burned out heater elements.
* Two safety devices to ensure dry superheated LPG.
* Requires only 40-50 seconds to reach operating temperature from a cold start.
* Complete with all safeties and controls - requires no additional remote mounted controls for operation.
* Available in explosion proof or nonincendive configuration.
* Innovative liquid vaporizing and gas mixing solutions.

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