D.J. Batchen Commander II LPG dispensers

D.J. Batchen Commander II  LPG dispensers

Australia is a world leader in automotive LPG technology and D.J. Batchen has been the preeminent Australian manufacturer of LPG dispensers for more than 15 years.


The Batchen Commander series of dispensers has set the standard by which other dispensers are judged.

Commander II consists of separate hydraulic and electronic modules, mounted in a substantial steel frame.


Commander II is approved by all relevant authorities in Australia , including The National Standards Commission and Standards Australia.

Hydraulic system is comprised of:
Batchen dual piston, double acting meters
Batchen vapour eliminator/filter assembly
Batchen differential valves.
Batchen Sentry 20 hose break-away couplings.

LGE Gasguard “Pressure Seal” technology hose nozzles:
- 1 3/4” Acme car filler connection (others available)
- 1/2” or 3/4” NPT inlet swivel

Automatic vapour detection/density/monitoring is available as an option
All electrical equipment is Explosion Proof protected by one or more of the following techniques:

Available in both single and dual hose versions – single versions with end-of-column mounted hoses, dual hose versions with lane oriented hoses.
Two or more communication options available in each dispenser (Email, Gilbarco & PEC/ Compac)

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