CNG Charging System

CNG Charging System

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) charging system supplies natural gas to NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) which uses the natural gas as their operation fuel. Especially, NGV completely replaces petroleum energy with natural gas, and when the clean fuel is used, the exhaled gas includes 30~50% less of NO and CO gas, 20~30% less of CO2 and no SO gas at all. Its octane value is 130, higher than 96 of gasoline, so that eng ine compression ratio gets improved and fuel consumption is reduced. Ignition at low temperatures and knocking resistance are superb. The nation-wide distribution pipe networks reduce the delivery cost of the fuel.


Charging System Compostion:

CNG Compressor
In fuel pipes, this compresses the low-pressured gas to high pressure (250bar) and supplies it to thestorage containers or to dispensers.

There should be a unit that releases the high-pressure gas remaining in the pipes, when the compressor is stopped.

There should be a heat exchanger that lowers temperatures raised by gas compression heat, and a filter that removes dirt included.

Priority Panel

Priority banks of compressed high-pressure gas containers shall be determined.

This supplies fuels from containers to dispensers.

Superior panel selection may save energy and improve charging speed.


This stores compressed high-pressure gas from the compressor and supplies the fuel to the dispenser when needed.

This is an ASME or DOT type container, and buffer or cascade types are mainly applied.

When 3-line system is applied, 6 cylinders (high band-1, medium bank-2, low bank-3) are basically applied for charging efficiency maximization.



Through the fuel gates of automobiles, this supplies compressed gas at 200bar for fuel.

Single hose model and Dual hose model are available. Very fast fill type and Time fill type are available.

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