DMC LNG Cylinder Skid

DMC LNG Cylinder Skid

LNG Cylinder Skid

With the increasingly abundant domestic LNG resources, in addition to large and medium-sized LNG station, DMC also provide skids which include regulating, metering, vaporizing, shut-off, safety relief and other functions, to small business users and the areas without pipeline network, as transitional gas supply.  DMC LNG skid can also be used as emergency repair station in some large and medium-sized city.


Technical Parameters


LNG Cylinder Skid

Inlet pressure (MPa)

0.5 - 1.6

Outlet pressure (MPa)

0.2 - 0.5

Regulating accuracy

± 5%

Flow range (Nm3 /h)

100 - 10000

Inlet size (mm)

DN25 - DN150

Outlet size (mm)

DN50 - DN150

Main equipment

AMCO, FISHER, RMG regulator, air heated vaporizer

Safety protection device

Overpressure shut-off, underpressure shut-off, safety

Operating temperature range

-45ºC to +45ºC


Vaporizing, heating, metering, stinking

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