Macro LNG Fueling Nozzle CRYOMAC2 50M

Macro LNG Fueling Nozzle CRYOMAC2 50M
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The CryoMac2® 50M LNG Fueling Nozzle benefits from the Engineering Excellence at Macro Technologies.  Extensive R&D, prototyping, and field testing have allowed our team to design and manufacture an effective and economical LNG Nozzle.  Everything from weight, to icing issues during fueling, to venting concerns were considered while engineering ourCryoMac2® 50M LNG Fueling Nozzle.


Detail Information:

-  Model no: CRYOMAC2-50M

-  A positive “Vent Position” to release gases trapped between the Nozzle and receptacle through the Vent Holes, which improves 

   safety when removing the Nozzle.

-  Ball bearings to lock the Nozzle in place during fueling. Balls bearings help to guide the Nozzle and let it “roll” on and off easily.

-  Light weight design makes the Nozzle easier to handle over long work days and easier to slide onto the Receptacle.

-  Non-metallic bearings, air gaps, and insulation at key points are used to minimize ice issues.

-  Easy access for maintenance of the Receptacle end seal, poppet assembly and the poppet seat. No expensive “clamp dogs” to 


-  Reasonable cost while maintaining reliability.

-  Automatic shut off when disconnecting


Specification :

Model no:


Fluid Compatibility :

LNG , Methane & LN2

Flow Rate :


Max. Refueling Pressure :

250 PSIG / 17.24 BAR

Max. System Pressure :

500 PSIG / 34.5 BAR

Burst Pressure :

Greater than 1500 PSIG / 103.5 BAR

Leak when disconnect :

less than 1 cc

Operating Temperature :

-195 C to +60C

Length :


Width :


Weight :

10.4 lbs ( 4.53kg )

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