ASDI PowerXP Vertical Electric Single Core Vaporizer XP12.50-XP80

ASDI PowerXP Vertical Electric Single Core Vaporizer XP12.50-XP80


  • Explosion Proof configuration meets Class , Division 1, Group D as defined by
  • NFPA pamphlet 70.
  • Pressure vessel designed to ASME/CE specifications.
  • UL/CE stamped external relief valve: 250 psig ( 17.6 kg /cm2).
  • 100% turndown capability.
  • “Slide-in” PC board with quick connect fittings.
  • Direct monitoring high temperature RTD sensors for operation and over temperature protection.
  • Float activated high liquid level safety.
  • Vinyl coated cross-linked polyethylene insulation jacket.
  • Pressure balanced LPG supply/delivery operation.
  • Compact footprint size of approximately 1ft2 [.09m2].
  • Worldwide voltages available.
  • Factory tested.
  • All models 50/60Hz
  • Mechanical heat limiters ensure no overheating.


  • Waterless electric vaporizer:
  • No corrosion - longer product life.
  • No refilling - low maintenance, fewer parts, lower costs, minimum down time.
  • No sediment - increased reliability.
  • 98% thermal efficiency.
  • Explosion proof design:
  • Can be mounted next to tank or building – no distance requirements.
  • Safe!
  • No flame or pilot.
  • Works in any climate.
  • Rated to -40 F / -40 C .
  • Perfect for 100% propane to 100% butane.
  • Self contained:
  • Requires no additional remote mounted controls for operation.
  • Complete with all controls and safeties.
  • Small footprint - saves space.
  • Instant operation:
  • Requires only 45 seconds to reach operating temperature from a cold start.
  • On demand heating cycle.
  • Excellent for portable applications such as construction site heating. 


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