Amercian Meter

  • American Meter GTS Series Turbine Flow Meter

  • AMCO Axial Flow Valve

  • AMCO CR4000 Regulator

  • AMCO Radial Flow Valves 150, 300 & 600 Series

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG Measuring Equipment Diaphragm Meters AL800 - AL5000

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG Regulator 3000 Series

  • American Meter (AMCO) 1800CPB2 Regulator

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG Regulator Axial Flow Valve (AFV)

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG 1800PFM Regulator

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG 1800C+1800C-HC Regulator

  • American Meter LPG 1800B2+1800B2-HC Regulator

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG 1213B2 Regulator

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG 1200B Regulator

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG Industrial Regulator Series 1800/2000

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG Measuring Equipment AL425

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG Measuring Equipment AC250

  • American Meter (AMCO) LPG Measuring Equipment AC630

American Meter company supplies diaphragm meter, rotary meter, and complete lines of gas regulators including meter regulator , low-pressure regulator, medium-pressure regulator, high-med pressure regulator, high pressure regulator, and various gas strainers, whose products occupy important share in the global market relying on its good appearance, delicate making, great accuracy and reliability. DMC introduced AMCO company's product into Chinese market since 1980s, and now AMCO products are widely selected by many famous gas company in China. 

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