Compressor / Pump:


  • Ebsray RX10 & RX10-60 Pumps (50Hz & 60Hz)

Ebsray is today an acknowledged leader in the world’s Pump Industry offering products of unparalleled quality, efficiency, innovation and reliability. Commencing business as a precision engineering company in the late 1920’s (then called VR Ebsary & Co), in 1938 the company turned to pump design and manufacture. Since that time, the commitment to the application, design, development, manufacture, and supply of specialist pumps has placed Ebsray in the Industries’ front line.

Ebsray Pumps, as the name implies, has its primary focus on the manufacture of pumps and pumping equipment – predominantly for process and industrial ‘niche’ markets. Process pump applications are as diverse as Petroleum liquids such as aviation fuels, bitumen, grease, LPG, lube oils, additives and solvents. In the Chemical Industry, aggressive, toxic, viscous and flammable liquids at high and/or low temperatures. Military, Mining, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Municipal & Utility Services, Sugar, and Paint Industries – to name but a few of the industries served.

Outside this primary ‘pump focus’, Ebsray has been involved in ‘other’ innovative engineering disciplines such as Biomedical Engineering – examples being Heart-Lung machines, unique Respiratory Apparatus and Hyperbaric Medical equipment.

Combine this with specialised Military/Defence equipment, sophisticated machining projects, special jigs, fixtures and tools – all shows the diversity of engineering capability for which Ebsray is renowned.

A philosophy of Customer Service combined with Application Engineering has proven pivotal to the successes enjoyed. Our skilled and experienced Application Engineers are trained to assess and recommend the correct pump – offering total support for all your pumping requirements.


Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance

Ebsray’s AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System ensures that all aspects in the overall process are carried out under strict management procedures and guidelines – ensuring product integrity and performance in accordance with the specifications. Compliance with ATEX and other European (EU) Directives are also examples of the commitment Ebsray has to its expanding world markets.

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