ASDI Horizontal Water Bath Vaporizer Q1650H – Q15000H

ASDI Horizontal Water Bath Vaporizer Q1650H – Q15000H



  Meets the design requirements of NFPA Pamphlet 58 for gas fired waterbath vaporizers.

  All wiring, controls, electrical components, and their installation comply with recognized code standards defined in NFPA 58, NFPA 59, and NFPA 70.

  Heat exchanger is fabricated and stamped in accordance withASMEPressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1.

  LPG pressure vessel design rating: 250 psig at 650°F (17.6 kg/cm2 at 343°C ).

  ASME or UL approved relief valve: 250 psig (17.6 kg/cm2).

  Multi-header, multi-pass heat exchanger assures optimum velocity for complete vaporization and provides superheat to the vapor at rated capacity.

  Minimum 15°F [ 8.4°C ] superheat @ 100% capacity.

  Galvanized thermal expansion tank with water level sight gauge assures heat exchanger protection.

  High quality forced draft power burner provides fast response to load changes.

  Combustion efficiency of 80% minimum.

  Electronic flame safeguard assures positive and safe ignition.

  Two electrically operated main fuel shutoff valves in the gas train.

  Float activated high LPG liquid level shutdown switch.

First Out Annunciator Display Points:

  - Flame failure

  - High LPG level

  - Low water level

  - High water temperature

  - High gas pressure|

  - Power Off/Reset

  - Spare display points for connection

  to mixing system, etc.

  Water circulation pumps eliminate thermal stratification and increase heat transfer.

  Removable burner enclosure for maintenance access.

  Complete with all operating and safety controls and liquid and vapor manifolds. Ready to connect to plant facilities.

  All exterior metal surfaces are mechanically cleaned, primed, and painted.

  Factory tested, packaged, and mounted on lengthwise beams with lifting lugs and forklift access holes.**

  Factory Mutual (FM) Approved.

  **Forklift access on Q1650H, Q2200H, and Q3300H only


  Pressure balanced, high capacity waterbath vaporizer.

  Heavy duty Eclipse industrial modulating burner requires no adjustments, even at high elevations.

  Simple push button start - no hassle operation.

  Eight point annunciation.

  Designed for extreme weather conditions. Proven reliability to -40°F .

  Built-in heavy ends separation chamber - prevents clogging of regulators and other downstream devices.

  Best in class, double protected cabinet - powder coating over heavy duty sheet steel.

  100% Turndown.

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