Flow-Tek Series RF15/RF30 Flanged Ball Valve

Flow-Tek Series RF15/RF30 Flanged Ball Valve

Stem Seals: Series RF15/RF30 1”– 2” valves feature live-loaded, self- adjusting primary and secondary sealing. Utilizing belleville washers, the stem seal automatically adjusts to compensate for changes in temperature and normal wear. 3”– 12” valves utilize an independent packing gland which can be easily adjusted without removing mounting hardware or operator. The packing gland is contoured to more uniformly distribute the load across the packing.

The primary seal is a combination of a thrust washer and thrust washer protector. An adjustable stem packing creates a secondary seal between the stem and body. The stem packing is composed of RPTFE V-rings as standard – graphite stem packing is standard on all Fire Safe valves.

Ball: Flow-Tek balls are precision machined and mirror finished for bubble-tight shut off and less operating torque. As an added safety feature, a hole in the stem slot of each ball equalizes pressure between the body cavity and the line media flow.

Model F15/F30 with Padlock

Body: 1”– 4” valve bodies are investment cast and all valve size castings are solution annealed/normalized for the highest quality and added strength. All body castings are marked with a foundry heat number for full traceability.

Seat: Flow-Tek’s seat design ensures bi-directional, bubble-tight sealing with low operating torque. All resilient seats feature relief slots or seat O.D. clearance to relieve pressure past the upstream seat and provide positive preloading to ensure low pressure/vacuum sealing.

Anti-Static Devices:All RF15/RF30 valves have Anti-Static Devices as standard. These devices positively ground ball and stem.

All manually operated valves feature a Locking Device to prevent accidental move- ment of ball position. 1”– 2” valves feature a Safety Trigger that locks the handle in the open or closed position. The handle lock can be bypassed, if needed, with a small bolt through the handle in the release position. On all sizes a Padlock can be added to secure the handle in position, preventing unwanted movement of the ball. 3” through 6” valves feature a NAMUR stem slot for ease of limit switch mounting.


A wide range of seat materials are available to meet most applications. The standard seat is TFM 1600. Optional seats include RPTFE, Stainless Steel/PTFE (50/50), UHMWPE, Virgin PTFE, PEEK, Tek-Fil® (carbon/graph- ite filled TFM), and full metal seats and Cavity Fillers. PEEK seats offer high pressure/temperature capability. Tek-Fil seats offer reduced torque in high temperature, high cycle, and steam service applications. TFM1600 seats offer the exceptional chemical resistance of PTFE plus lower porosity and permeability, improved temperature range and reduced valve torques.


Flow-Tek Series RF15/RF30 valves are available as V-Control valves. For more information please see Flow-Tek VC brochure and Technical Bulletin 1006. A safety exhaust is available for downstream venting. Tri-Port balls for self draining and additional options are available upon request. For more information please consult the Flow-Tek factory.


Model RF15/RF30 Fire Safe

Flow-Tek’s Series RF15/RF30 valves with graphite stem packing meet the highest fire safety standards under extreme conditions. In the event of a fire, after heat destroys the primary resilient seat, the ball makes contact with the secondary metal seat, forming a secure seal.

Flow-Tek offers a Media Containment Unit as an option. This unit easily mounts to standard valves through 10”and adds an additional stem packing seal for difficult services.

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