• RegO Swing-Check ESVs for Bulk Plants A6016 Series and A6024 Series

  • RegO Pull-Away Valves for Transfer Operations A2141 Series

  • RegO LPG Relief Valve 3129G

  • RegO LPG Globe Valve / Angle Valve

  • RegO LPG Excess Flow Check Valve

  • RegO LPG Emergency Shut Off Valve

  • RegO LPG Back Pressure Check Valve

  • RegO Long Stem Valve / Short Stem Valve / Economizer

  • RegO Relief Valve for Gas & Cryogenic Systems

  • RegO Double Back Check Filler Valve L6579C Series

  • RegO In-Line 1/2" Fill Check Valve - NG-304SSA

REGO, brand of American ECII company is established in 1923. REGO mainly produces equipment for LPG, anhydrous ammonia and industrial gas, including regulators, safety valves, pull-away valves, other valves and so on, which are in conformity with ISO9001 international quality standards and are selected by a lot of famous oil groups. DMC, being the agent of REGO products since 1970s, has long term stable relationship with REGO and has established professional sales and after-sale service group for distribution of REGO products.