Algas SDI

  • Algas SDI ZIMMER™ Dry-Electric LPG Vaporizer

  • ASDI Horizontal Water Bath Vaporizer Q1650H – Q15000H

  • ASDI Blendaire B3-FVO6100

  • ASDI Vaporizer Venturi LPG/Air Mixer V7.0-V250.0

  • ASDI Vertical Water Bath Vaporizer VQ320V – Q1650V

  • ASDI PowerXP Vertical Electric Single Core Vaporizer XP12.50-XP80

  • Algas-SDI LP-Gas Vaporizers Hydrexx

  • Algas SDI LPG Direct Fired Vaporizer 40/40H - 120/60H

  • Algas SDI LPG Zimmer Electric Heated Vaporizer Z40L

  • Algas SDI LPG Steam Heated Vaporizer A160S-A4400S

  • Algas SDI LPG Power Series Electric Vaporizer P120 - P160

  • Algas SDI LPG Circulating Hot Water Vaporizer A160W-A4400W

  • Algas SDI Torrexx - Dry Electric Vaporizer - TX Series

  • Algas SDI LPG Blendaire B3-FVO6100

Both Algas Industries Inc. and Sam Dick Industries are leading gas equipment manufacturers with outstanding achievements in the global market. The aforementioned two companies were merged into the Algas-SDI international, L.L.C., which then become the most powerful gas equipment manufacturer with the most complete product line in the world.

Algas-SDI offers products of various types and sizes, such as small-size direct fired vaporizers, electric vaporizers, combination of gas vaporizing and mixing equipment, large-size gas vaporizing and mixing system and even city LPG supplying system. In a world, Algas-SDI is capable of providing satisfying products and suitable solutions with respect to gas vaporizing and mixing industries.

Algas-SDI applies the most advanced technology in product design and manufacture. Combing the most advanced technology and years of abundant experience, we are able to set up new criteria of our industry. We, Algas-SDI, guarantee to commit to the everlasting product perfection and improvement.

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